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  • How do you guys price video shoots and events?
    After a consultation we apply what the client is asking to our time and labor scale to determine the overall fee.
  • How far out do you guys travel?
    We generally travel around the east coast states, but we are open to traveling where ever we are needed!
  • What kind of Cameras do you guys use?
    We use a wide range of cameras, and we are constantly upgrading our gear so they change over time. I will say we currently love our Cannon Cameras. Here at JoeJam Media LLC, our current line up include but aren't limited to Cannon 5D Mark4, Cannon R6, Cannon R5C, Cannon M50 and Cannon PTZs.
  • Can you guys Live stream anywhere?
    Although we try our best to mitigate most issues, we cannot guarantee that we can live stream at all locations just yet. Technology, service areas (5G, 4G, WIFI, ethernet) and mother nature play a big role on signal strength at the venue area you want streamed. Its best to keep internet service in mind when picking out your venue. We always record your event just in case live streaming doesn't work out. If your local and unsure give us a call and we can perform our Stream Strength test at the venue if your not local call us any way and we can tell you what to look for at your venue of choice.
  • Do you rent out your gear?
    Short Answer No. Long Answer on a case by case basis
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellation Fees A cancellation fee will apply at the rate of 50% of the Full Day Rate if the shoot is cancelled within 72 hours of the pre-agreed call time. A cancellation fee of 100% of the Full Day Rate will apply if the shoot is cancelled within a 24 hour period from the agreed upon call time. These cancellation times are to be measured by standard business days, excluding weekends and public holidays unless production is scheduled on set days.
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